We are more than a bridal & formal gown manufacturer, we offer revolutionary solution for retailers, start-up entrepreneurs and fashion designers. Multiple modes of cooperation are available at Brydealo to meet all your needs. We are here to help you to build profitable business without any risk.

Become a Retailer

Become Brydealo Retailer

  • - Up to 30% OFF for Test Buy on Any Style
  • - Factory Direct Reorder Price Starting from $129
  • - New Styles in Every Month
  • - Style and Quality Comparable to Designer Brands
  • - No Minimum Reorder Quantity Required
  • - Factory Direct Delivery within 4 - 8 Weeks
  • - Worldwide Shipping to Stores Available
  • - Never Disqualification for Reorders

How It Works

apply pending for approval check sample & recorder price online purchase online directly

Build Your Own Product Line

  • - One-to-One Design Service
  • - Professional Sketching Service Available
  • - Price Starting from $249 (discount offered for reordering)
  • - Photo Confirmation during Production & before Shipping
  • - Private Labeling Service
  • - Factory Direct Delivery within 6 - 10 Weeks
  • - No Minimum Reorder Quantity Required
  • - Never Disqualification for Reorders
  • - Exclusive Right of Use of Your Own Designs(except works altered based on Brydealo designs)

How It Works

apply pending for approval served by our designer via email quote pay check & confirm for shipping

Plese sign in/up first for retailer application.